Endless Calm

By: Claire Burrow

Winter seems like an endless calm.

When the cold surrounds us,

and the darkness makes the streets disappear,

the world’s turning seems to slow down.

You can see footprints start and footprints


leading somewhere,

going nowhere.

But each night the snow falls,

erasing their stories,

taking away the echoes

of voices on the snow.

It’s colder this time,

the snowflakes falling,

cracking like a whip across the world.

And when you breath,

it’s like every breath is your last,

the cold taking a knife to your lungs.

The only source of light is the moon,

making the snow shine blue.

But eventually the snow blinds you,

and it is all

that you see.

Everyone takes shelter inside

their homes,

leaving the white ground

innocent and untouched.

The snow is silent as it falls,

and you can hear the wind

and it’s peaceful,

because winter

is an endless