elementia fear


The Soul of Night

By Catherine Strayhall

It’s the time I have dark thoughts;
When my fears stalk me, and my demons mock me.
At night, my imagination runs wild,
Conjuring things that make me want to hide like a child.

My Bones

By Angela Clem

No one’s here
I’m all smiles and happy outside
But inside I’ve died
Yet I have no fear
Alone and scared
No one’s here
So damn scared
No one’s here
So I am fine
Alone and dead
Thoughts fly in my head
So far from the line

Rising Up

By Abby Harrison

The distance between fear and me
Cannot be measured
But if it runs across seas
And blackens what is already dark
Then it overpowers all of me
But it cannot touch my faith
Time will push it away
Other dimensions will outnumber it

Sometimes I Cry

By JDC Resident

Sometimes when I sit in my room I think of home
I think of all the things I miss and how I’m alone
In all the loneliness I get consumed in sadness and fear
Then I feel the pain as I shed a tear
Sometimes when I’m in my room and I’m entrapped in silence

Take My Fear

By Ayah Abdul-Rauf

DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… The soft, high note of the last key on a piano rang through the night repeatedly… and it was keeping someone up.


By Brittani Ball

What shall be wrong with me?
What shall I fear
What shall be wrong with me
is nothing I fear
If I shall fear what is wrong with me
I shall only fear myself
Even though you shall see me
you shall not know.

Fighting Blind

By Leah Payne

I scream
But no one hears.
The danger
Looming, perpetual nears...
The footsteps echo
In my ears
Danger leers.
A dark silhouette
And merciless eyes
The fear in my stomach
Starts to rise.


By Sara Fullington

Fear of not being good enough,
World with Judgment,
People knowing everything about you,
Mistakes talked about
being judged feelings pain
we are who we want to be
people can be different
wishing of Living
in a judgment free world.