Elementia lonliness


Separately Meant to Be

By Anonymous

For the first time, in her selective memory she lies in bed, alone without a light or heartbeat to keep her company. Her heart beats, in rhythm with her thoughts. She barely knows the way to her own door yet she knows the feeling of being a stranger in her own body, living out a fellow stranger’s

Lonely Life

By Alyssa Rydell

How many times must we say goodbye? Too many long and drawn out mornings without you. After sunrise, I have no one to wake, No one beside me, No one to shake. Hundreds of times we have had to say goodbye, Too many long and boring days without you. I am alone in my car, With an empty seat beside m

Sometimes I Cry

By JDC Resident

Sometimes when I sit in my room I think of home I think of all the things I miss and how I’m alone In all the loneliness I get consumed in sadness and fear Then I feel the pain as I shed a tear Sometimes when I’m in my room and I’m entrapped in silence I bring back the past, all the hurt and viol

Lonely Man

By Alison Stephens

A lonely man sits on the side of the road He sings a song, La, la, la. He stops, silence. Red, green, yellow, red, green, yellow The light keeps turning Over and over But no one is in sight, besides the lonely man Abandoned buildings, collapsed houses No one is there, but the lonely man. The ligh


By Abigail Blick

There once was a man named Ed. Ed had a wife and three kids and worked at a very successful job. His life was perfect. But as time went on, his children grew up and went off on their own to form their own families, but soon Ed became a grandfather. And once again, life was perfect.

Why Me?

By Leah Chesbrough

Sad Hiding Anger Heart beating faster Sweating Embarrassed Foul Friends Ganging up on me Frightening Victim Bullied Wanted popularity Gossip Crying Anxious to leave Run away Needed to vent Hot Yell Their fault Not an angel About to burst Wanted to be understood Lacked support Determined to stay a

All Alone

By Nathan Francis

When I am alone I talk to things Things that aren't there Because I have no one else to talk to When I am alone I listen to music Because I like some noise When I am alone I get sentimental Because I like to reflect When I am alone I am not funny or bold I am of little importance When I am alone