Elementia disappointment


Real World

By Maddie Miguel

This is the real world With limited freedom, and lots of things to fear Where you can’t get away from the truth This is where violence lives, and people follow you Where guns are triggered at any time or place The tears will roll on a sorrowful face People sometimes assumedly think That the real


By Matthew Moorefield

Why does each day repeat in the same way? You constantly rise, in the morning only to fall asleep, forever, without warning. The day after day routine, was just a blink of an eye, between beginning and end. Now you are alone, not a single friend.

Why Me?

By Leah Chesbrough

Sad Hiding Anger Heart beating faster Sweating Embarrassed Foul Friends Ganging up on me Frightening Victim Bullied Wanted popularity Gossip Crying Anxious to leave Run away Needed to vent Hot Yell Their fault Not an angel About to burst Wanted to be understood Lacked support Determined to stay a

The Tease

By Jackie Trammell

The chase reels me in. You lie and fake me out till the end. I hope and pray that you will be true. But you let me down. Screw you.