By: Matthew Moorefield

Why does each day repeat in the same way? You constantly rise, in the morning only to fall asleep, forever, without warning. The day after day routine, was just a blink of an eye, between beginning and end. Now you are alone, not a single friend. The mass of darkness allows no hope, you try to find a place to think, but it’s gone and without it, there’s no way to cope. But it’s incomprehensible that everything passed in a blink. You tell yourself to move, and find answers from someone. When you try and move, you are in some sort of groove that holds you in place and there’s nothing that can be done. Sitting there, thinking this, reminds you of life, when you used to only do what was routine, in fear of the unforeseen, the rut that you called life, was really a strife. A problem that couldn’t be solved, because you were used to it, used to the pattern, where your life fit, this unseen force caused your life to be unresolved. When it ended without warning.