I Would Say...

By Hannah Jenkins

I would say that by noon my
Heart really knew my purpose
My goals, the plan for rescue.
I would say that it’s better
To never regret, never take back,
Try not to be a brat.
I know that life is better when
One is not alone.


By Michelle Chan

Falling , falling down to earth
toward the place I was given birth
I close my eyes and count to three
A sad requiem for an unknown dream.
Why is it that people of this nation
Are only in it for the fascination?
Always on the run


By Julia Marquez

In real life things don’t have outlines.

Real World

By Maddie Miguel

This is the real world
With limited freedom, and lots of things to fear
Where you can’t get away from the truth
This is where violence lives, and people follow you
Where guns are triggered at any time or place
The tears will roll on a sorrowful face


By Matthew Moorefield

Why does each day repeat in the same way? You constantly rise, in the morning only to fall asleep, forever, without warning. The day after day routine, was just a blink of an eye, between beginning and end. Now you are alone, not a single friend.

Story of the Stone

By Blaire Ginsburg

Minor fissures,
Just hairline cracks,
Spread slowly
At first,
Fine lines on a
Smooth surface;
Creeping across a
Marble plain,
Barely making
A sound, but
Marking - scarring
- All the same.
See here, where

The Parasite Lives and Grows

By Rachel Franklin

Once upon a time Goliath fell.
They built buildings on his body
and David walked away without looking back
didn’t know his victory
until he moved
opened the door
to have his pebble drop at his feet
looked up and his apartment was

Somewhere in Between

By Briana Hooper

Somehow you have found, where I was in the ground. I am there, I am also here. You have something new to fear. I’m not alive, but not quite dead . Though this is not what you have read. While light can be quite fun, I must avoid the world with sun. To walk the night is not quite what you think.

Where Am I

By Elijiah Hernandez

I hear walkie talkies – kusssshhhhh.
People talking, “Blah, blah, blah, bleep.”
I hear toilets flush.
Basketballs bounce and swoosh.
This place is full of it: empty. 

Patchwork of Places

By Catherine Strayhall

The losses we experience
The victories we achieve…
They become intertwined
With the places we inhabit
As we go about our lives.
Meaning and memory tie us to these places
So that even when we leave somewhere,
Or the buildings disappear

Available Space

By Faith Freeman

Place: noun, defined as a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone; i.e. one’s spot at the table, or if you think like me, one’s place in this world.