Elementia Faith


The Heaven We’ve Been Slouching Toward Is Not the Heaven

By Haley Renee Born

I feel that if I move from this spot I will die. But I take a step forward and don’t.

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

I Would Say...

By Hannah Jenkins

I would say that by noon my Heart really knew my purpose My goals, the plan for rescue. I would say that it’s better To never regret, never take back, Try not to be a brat. I know that life is better when One is not alone. Imagination without God Is a living dead zone. Reacting instead of listeni

What He Carries

By Kristen Zuchowski

He carries his equipment He carries his uniform He carries his ammunition And his weapons But he carries much more He carries his heart His memories Though most importantly He carries his bandana with Psalm 91 printed on it The bandana is everything It’s his inspiration To keep going He already c

Luck of the Draw

By Zoë Christianson

Stand up if you have a religion Keep standing if your parents gave it you Keep standing if you would never consider another Because you were born and raised this way

Rising Up

By Abby Harrison

The distance between fear and me Cannot be measured But if it runs across seas And blackens what is already dark Then it overpowers all of me But it cannot touch my faith Time will push it away Other dimensions will outnumber it What I have on my side Cannot be defeated Nor can I.

Here is the Son

By Haley Claxton

Here Is The Son that shines through the cold dark clouds that herald a coming storm, a storm in the heart the mind the soul. When you feel alone forgotten, the Son rises to show you the right path to follow when it forks unexpectedly

There for Me

By JDC Resident

There for me, my dad “No matter what,” he promised By my side Refusing to ever give up on me - no matter what I did If everyone else gave up My Dad would stand by me Telling me he believes in me Knows I am strong To think positively To get through these rough times

Unseen Hero

By JDC Resident

just when she thought no one was listening, she hid her face behind a mask that she hoped would last. Once there was a time before she broke down and cried. She cried herself to sleep no one could hear her silent tears. As much as she wanted help, she felt as if she was the only one who could giv