Elementia sadness


From Dusk Till Dawn

By Brooke Shippee

From dusk till dawn  I search,

I look From town to town,

This person I am told can give A smile for every frown.

Up and down These hills I look I never seem to find

That person I am looking for, Who is loving and so kind.

Your Opposite Reactions are Far Beyond Attractive

By Becky Peda

Regretful murder suicides Or better yet, just suicides.

Acting as if you knew all about it, You’re helping a lot, Really, you’re not.

It’s all her fault, She forced it upon her. Bullshit. She loved her to death, The good kind of death, The one you would die for.


By Catherine Strayhall

There is a stillness in the air I can feel it everywhere

Heavy darkness Airy light Loud silence Empty night

It seems as though with every breath There is a little bit of death

Choking sadness Endless days Dark corners New pathways

Unseen Hero

By JDC Resident

just when she thought no one was listening, she hid her face behind a mask that she hoped would last. Once there was a time before she broke down and cried. She cried herself to sleep no one could hear her silent tears. As much as she wanted help, she felt as if she was the only one who could giv


By Catherine Strayhall

She is faded. Worn out, Worn down. Time stole her crown.

Where Did I Go?

By Elizabeth Tripp

Who is this girl I see in the mirror? This girl’s eyes full of fear, caused by Demons whispering in her ears. Scared one day their words won’t be lies. She holds on, trying not to cry. Each day wanting to die, She finally cries. A cry for help More like a yelp Or a scream, But she next makes a sc