elementia self harm


claymation in six scenes

By Christine Baek

claymation in six scenes.


Margaret finds out she is made of clay when she presses into the crook of her elbow and pulls the flesh right off.



By Morgan Shaffer

Wrist sewn.
Heart torn.
Attempted suicide.
Her gun was cocked.
Her bullets locked.
Suicide’s not so easy without bullets.
Especially when you’re ready to cock and pull it.
In sudden panic she reached for her razor.

Pain and Hate

By Bethanie Powell

My Soul yells at me
I’m dying inside
wishing that I felt no pain
but It keeps coming
I take the pills
of pain and hate
to wish it all away
when the pills
wear off
I slit
my wrist
to see the blood run down my arm

Be Aware: It Happens Everyday

By Hailey Cannon

she cuts and bleeds to fell the pain
she cuts and bleeds, it leaves a stain
she cuts and bleeds everyday
she cuts and bleeds because she cannot say
say what she needs, what she wants
if she does it will cost
cost a price too high to pay