By: Catherine Strayhall

There is a stillness in the air
I can feel it everywhere

Heavy darkness
Airy light
Loud silence
Empty night

It seems as though with every
There is a little bit of death

Choking sadness
Endless days
Dark corners
New pathways

The loneliness that’s all around
Pulses with a throbbing sound

Welcome isolation
Quiet place
Missing comfort
Stolen grace

This world is coming to an end
Swept clean by autumn’s changing wind

Unknown future
Hidden past
Shaky present
Nothing lasts

The storm is coming; it’s almost here
It strengthens with my every fear

Long road
Black night
Chilling echoes
Dimming light

Things are falling apart for me
Beginnings and endings I cannot see

Haunting memories
Dying dreams
Lost hopes
Ripped seams

And still the dark keeps coming nearer
Reflected in a shattered mirror

Jagged pieces
Wasted years
Fading photos
Bitter tears

My mind is spinning out of control
I’m trying to protect my soul

Chaotic ideas
Warped thoughts
Twisted plans
Intricate plots

I fight hard so all my woes
Won’t leave me in a fetal pose

Stark truth
Harsh lies
Fallen flight
Bleak skies

I see freedom coming soon
The way lit by a soft, faint moon

Cold sun
Stirring wind
Weary runner
Sudden end.