elementia depression


Every Bit as Dark as You

By Blaire Lauren Ginsburg

Just as wild and just as true,
I’m every bit as dark as you.
I would not show it on my face,
But I’ve learned your secret, silent grace.
Your gait is sure as the day is fair
And filled with ling’ring subtle air,
But I won’t let it fool me so;


By Lauren McGrath

Go away, and leave me be
Let me rest eternally
Shroud myself in darkness
Where I can never be hurt
Close my eyes and sigh
As I slip slowly away
Settle in the emptiness
I’ve made for myself
An emptiness that cannot be filled

Pain and Hate

By Bethanie Powell

My Soul yells at me
I’m dying inside
wishing that I felt no pain
but It keeps coming
I take the pills
of pain and hate
to wish it all away
when the pills
wear off
I slit
my wrist
to see the blood run down my arm

Be Aware: It Happens Everyday

By Hailey Cannon

she cuts and bleeds to fell the pain
she cuts and bleeds, it leaves a stain
she cuts and bleeds everyday
she cuts and bleeds because she cannot say
say what she needs, what she wants
if she does it will cost
cost a price too high to pay


By Catherine Strayhall

There is a stillness in the air
I can feel it everywhere

Heavy darkness
Airy light
Loud silence
Empty night

It seems as though with every
There is a little bit of death


By Gage Oshman

I wish more things were black.
Watch the depression stack
Bury the emotion in a deep sack
Take all the hate and give it back
The whip of remorse has a thundering crack
I wish more things were black.

Where Did I Go?

By Elizabeth Tripp

Who is this girl I see in the mirror?
This girl’s eyes full of fear, caused by
Demons whispering in her ears.
Scared one day their words won’t be lies.
She holds on, trying not to cry.
Each day wanting to die,
She finally cries.
A cry for help