The Swirling Eddies of Eigengrau

By Joey Wu

You are trapped.

One day you awoke: a homunculus, immersed in a deep chasm of dark. You wander the confines in solitude, following the faint and ever-so-often beep that resonates through your lonely chamber.

Every Bit as Dark as You

By Blaire Lauren Ginsburg

Just as wild and just as true,

I’m every bit as dark as you.

I would not show it on my face,

But I’ve learned your secret, silent grace.

Your gait is sure as the day is fair

And filled with ling’ring subtle air,


By Catherine Strayhall

There is a stillness in the air

I can feel it everywhere

Heavy darkness

Airy light

Loud silence

Empty night

It seems as though with every


There is a little bit of death

Darkness Inside

By Lauren McGrath

This darkness inside my heart

Residing in my pitiless mind

A fuel to a fire of ever-burning odium

That cutting sarcasm of such cruelty

The cold cynical aura that never abates

What is it that filled me with such hate?

once upon a time...

By Breanna Snare

The gem did spawn of evil’s fire

The gem shall be his portal

He comes to claim; our time is dire

The end of all things mortal

His reign of evil, he did conspire

The gem shall be his portal.