Elementia darkness


Every Bit as Dark as You

By Blaire Lauren Ginsburg

Just as wild and just as true, I’m every bit as dark as you. I would not show it on my face, But I’ve learned your secret, silent grace. Your gait is sure as the day is fair And filled with ling’ring subtle air, But I won’t let it fool me so; I know your mind, like mine, in woe With thoughts that

The Soul of Night

By Catherine Strayhall

Night It’s the time I have dark thoughts; When my fears stalk me, and my demons mock me. At night, my imagination runs wild, Conjuring things that make me want to hide like a child.


By Catherine Strayhall

There is a stillness in the air I can feel it everywhere

Heavy darkness Airy light Loud silence Empty night

It seems as though with every breath There is a little bit of death

Choking sadness Endless days Dark corners New pathways

Darkness Inside

By Lauren McGrath

This darkness inside my heart Residing in my pitiless mind A fuel to a fire of ever-burning odium

That cutting sarcasm of such cruelty The cold cynical aura that never abates What is it that filled me with such hate?

once upon a time...

By Breanna Snare

The gem did spawn of evil’s fire The gem shall be his portal He comes to claim; our time is dire The end of all things mortal His reign of evil, he did conspire The gem shall be his portal.