Elementia death


poem for my killer

By Yasi Farahmandnia

sometime before the clock hit eleven, i thought of you. i imagined the threat your caressing fingers possess as they trace targets on the side of my belly.

i look to see you in mirrors and through windowpane reflections, but i am disappointed and relieved every time.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

By Elizabeth Yost

Even when she was young, Sonya had never been afraid of the supernatural.

mother and earth

By Katja Rowan

bent backs grasses bent in a tweak of fingers bent my fingers bent my bones my toes in earth sweating dew digging a way out

sweetness sucking on a single clover

African Violets

By Callan Latham

I will count them all shards of glass in the mirror

every part of me adds up to nothing

I’m standing in front of violets in front of a Renaissance painting and wondering what do I have

carpet girl

By Yasi Farahmandnia

in this town words hold hostages not meaning. if i cry i will bleed, and i will lose, integrity and i will rip apart the frontdrop that has made my portraits pretty for (maybe) minutes on end.

Without Heaven

By Ada Heller

I know that when I die I’ll sink into the soil Be eaten by all the things I’ve eaten Become the dirt for all to walk upon I know that my thoughts are just neurons firing That my heart is a collection of molecules that happen to beat but sometimes I look into the sky and wonder how the sun manages

Death Changes Everything

By Naduish Whitely

Does it end where it all began? Since the death of my mother Something inside is broken from deep deep within I feel like I’ve sinned Thoughts ramble through my head I feel like I too want to be dead Yes it’s wrong it’s not right But my senses appear to be vanished out of sight Where shall I begi

I wish

By Rabi Hemayoun

On a cold February evening I learned one of life’s biggest lessons: appreciate what you have at present because once it’s taken away from you, all you’ll have left are memories. For me that ‘it’ was my fifteen month old niece, Bano.

The Voice of Desperate Hearts

By Bailey Tulloch

Among the freezing breeze of swastikas, The only awakened robot Was the word of the innocent.


She was of three hearts, Like a sphinx, Child, escapist, and thief.


The small girl whirled in the whip of tongues And let the words flow, falling, and flailing.


By Angela Clem

Even now that she’s gone they won’t stop moving and knocking, I wanted to say How could you say that you love her when you won’t leave her alone, and Darl knows it and instead he sets fire to the goddamn barn. The goddamn barn.


By Michelle Chan

Falling , falling down to earth toward the place I was given birth I close my eyes and count to three A sad requiem for an unknown dream. Why is it that people of this nation Are only in it for the fascination? Always on the run Just looking for more fun? When no ones there to even give a single


By Lauren McGrath

Go away, and leave me be Let me rest eternally Shroud myself in darkness Where I can never be hurt Close my eyes and sigh As I slip slowly away Settle in the emptiness I’ve made for myself An emptiness that cannot be filled Let me wash away the feelings The tides of emotion slowly turn to calm As

The Milkman

By Jaden Gragg

The milkman used to come up this way, Bringing us his creamy milk, and stories, back in the day. A dusty train followed him, rising up into the sky, His buggy drove low, but his spirits sang high. In my mind, I still see his horse-drawn car, And would know he was coming a mile afar, Winding the t

Loves Death

By Kim Nash

I look at your face, the flowers in the vase, I never wanted to be in this place, As I pace the floor, Searching for the door, I realize I miss you more, So I kneel at the cross, And pray for my loss, Wondering why you paid the cost . . .

April Ghoul's Day

By Jessica Toney

He woke up shivering, the cold hard floor having been his bed for the night. His brain throbbed as he pushed himself up, making it hard to remember what last happened. He held his head in his hands as he thought it over until an eerie sob bounced off the walls.


By Catherine Strayhall

There is a stillness in the air I can feel it everywhere

Heavy darkness Airy light Loud silence Empty night

It seems as though with every breath There is a little bit of death

Choking sadness Endless days Dark corners New pathways


By Rachel Franklin

Silent torture works the best, As if one’s memories were weights, Weighing down the trudging steps Echoing as darkness waits.

Thoughts concealed to pass the test of time, So no mortal dared to dream Now come flooding in at midnight’s chime, Making your aching heart scream.

Death Changes Everything

By Sarah Jones

It’s hard to understand and agree with this quote, unless you’ve experienced a great loss. My friend, Paige Winters, died in a plane crash and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my entire life.

Her death truly has changed everything.

I Wish

By Anonymous

I wish… I could run like an Olympian I could draw without restrictions I could dance like nobody is watching I could sing as pretty as a mockingbird I wish… I could be a world traveler I could walk outside with the perfect weather every day I could save all of the abandoned, abused, dying animals

Losing Lila

By Jessica Sutter

It looked a bit like Lila, but it wasn’t Lila. I don’t know why people say that when someone dies they look like they’re sleeping. Her skin was dull grey and colder than ice. Her long body lay limp and heavy on the stainless steel table. Her clothes were dirty and rumpled.

Quiet Sighs

By Drew Wilson

Whenever I' m alone I miss you Wish I took that chance to kiss you I feel shattered and alone like a dog thats lost his bone  Remembering your laughing eyes my life is filled with quiet sighs Seasons may come and seasons may go it feels so much like yesterday though As I sink deep in dejection I

Necromancer: Confession

By Connor Rice

Rain danced gleefully across the tombstones as if mocking the dead. The now wet moss on older parts of the graveyard made the ground slick. It grew where other forms of life refused for reasons of their own, yet sparingly did the moss do so as if even it respected burial grounds.

Somewhere in Between

By Briana Hooper

Somehow you have found, where I was in the ground. I am there, I am also here. You have something new to fear. I’m not alive, but not quite dead . Though this is not what you have read. While light can be quite fun, I must avoid the world with sun. To walk the night is not quite what you think.

The Climbing Tree

By Ann E. Mclean

The Ponderosa Pines hunched ponderously, Their convoluted gestures frozen With dry, rasping limbs in stages of vexation And narrow forearms lifted high In savored moments of exalted epiphany. My brother and I climbed the questions They grew, Our legs crouching and stretching Over the contours of

The Graveyard

By Jessa Boutte

she walks head bent against the cold and the weight of grief shoving her down

her black hair blows in the wind around her head i call out and she turns her green eyes searching for the dead that she can’t see

Beyond the Final Umbra

By Zac Stower

A thousand stark crosses Plotted on a green hill Once moving a thousand miles an hour Now stand still. At life’s bloody terminus We are told they are the purest of all of us The rolling front blending together Forming a sea of forever A canvas ravaged with uniform dials For uniform men Filling un

Big Joe's Fake Funeral

By Alex Pereira

Music Will Play People Will Cry

But Big Joe Didn’t Die

The Coffin

By Jack Kavanaugh

The coffin wood grabs at my clothes The wood chokes me The darkness attacks me The weariness crawls around me When it opens the sun grabs me I am back

Death Box Machine: The Cheater

By Andrew Christie

One vision, that is all it took to know how it all ends. That was the idea behind the product 32F, nicknamed the Death Box. There were 380 of us, we were the test subjects who willingly volunteered for the test. Truthfully, I was just in it for the money.


By Kate Clore

Sitting on my grandpa Larry’s lap, laughing and smiling. Going everywhere on the cart smiling. Smiling the way he laughs. Going to the hospital trying to smile, but I can’t. Rushing to his room I run. He is still there I smile. He doesn’t have much longer, so I must keep a smile on my face. One l