elementia Questioning


I Wonder...

By Shawna Morris

I wonder if there is going to be another war
I wonder why people like me
I wonder how my uncle died

I wonder what I am going to look like when I’m older
I wonder why people are mean
I wonder if I will ever have kids


By JDC Resident

Why do I want to do my own thing?
Why do I always want to be in trouble?
Why don’t I stay home...in one place?
Why do I always run away?
Why do I lie to AJ?
Why can’t I just tell the truth?
Why can’t I tell him I love him?

Rain of Mortality

By Zoë Christianson

 I killed a tree writing notes last night,
 but the question ravaging my mind
 does not relate to the fine points of progressivism.
 Even I, as little as I live, am too distracted to get this right.
 I take a seat on the steps of my porch

Darkness Inside

By Lauren McGrath

This darkness inside my heart
Residing in my pitiless mind
A fuel to a fire of ever-burning odium

That cutting sarcasm of such cruelty
The cold cynical aura that never abates
What is it that filled me with such hate?