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The Heaven We’ve Been Slouching Toward Is Not the Heaven

By Haley Renee Born

I feel that if I move from this spot I will die. But I take a step forward and don’t.

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

What He Carries

By Kristen Zuchowski

He carries his equipment He carries his uniform He carries his ammunition And his weapons But he carries much more He carries his heart His memories Though most importantly He carries his bandana with Psalm 91 printed on it The bandana is everything It’s his inspiration To keep going He already c

Luck of the Draw

By Zoë Christianson

Stand up if you have a religion Keep standing if your parents gave it you Keep standing if you would never consider another Because you were born and raised this way

Loves Death

By Kim Nash

I look at your face, the flowers in the vase, I never wanted to be in this place, As I pace the floor, Searching for the door, I realize I miss you more, So I kneel at the cross, And pray for my loss, Wondering why you paid the cost . . .

You Opened My Eyes

By Hannah E. Jenkins

I was blind and you opened my eyes. I was blind to deceivers, and you showed me them. I was blind to true love, and you showed me it. I was blind to forgiveness and you did it for me. I was blind to the truth, and you revealed it all. I was blind to you God.

Behind a stone cold shell

By Dusti Lewis

Get behind the eight ball she said, which I had yet to understand. She said it meant to look ahead to the future. I sat there contemplating this saying for a while, and as I fell into a deep slumber my thoughts ran free.

Rain of Mortality

By Zoë Christianson

 I killed a tree writing notes last night,  but the question ravaging my mind  does not relate to the fine points of progressivism.  Even I, as little as I live, am too distracted to get this right.  I take a seat on the steps of my porch  and let the rain run the glue out of my hair.  I take ple


By Amanda Schoep

My head hits the pillow It sinks in I turn to the left Then the right Then back to facing the ceiling I close my eyes Bad things creep around in my mind They pop open I stare at that chair I glance at my desk It’s no use I get up I look in the mirror I see myself What have I become Who have I bec

Here is the Son

By Haley Claxton

Here Is The Son that shines through the cold dark clouds that herald a coming storm, a storm in the heart the mind the soul. When you feel alone forgotten, the Son rises to show you the right path to follow when it forks unexpectedly

Do I?

By Eric Gunnarson

Do I dare disturb the universe? Indulge in the quizzical whims of questioning? Sit on the throne of knowledge, partake in the feast of Newton’s apple? To eat the forbidden fruit, and cast myself out of the paradise of ignorance, learn the sin of curiosity? To let myself fall into the seductive em

Hero of My Life

By Katherine Chin

Uncle Felix grew up in a small town called Shinzhu, located on the north side of Taiwan. His family was not able to afford extra clothing or toys or even to pay for his education. Uncle Felix learned to take what life gave him, and to always look on the bright side of things.