Behind a stone cold shell

By: Dusti Lewis

Get behind the eight ball she said, which I had yet to understand. She said
it meant to look ahead to the future. I sat
there contemplating this saying for a while, and as I fell into
a deep slumber my thoughts ran free. Thinking of our future--
followers of the savior Jesus--why can’t we speak of him in

Wanting to scream his name to the heavens, but silence is to be
kept. We pray. Pray for this law to be changed. It works.
Halleluia. We speak about Jesus with joy, no longer having
to be quiet. Several are saved, what a joyous day. This perfect moment
fades as the bell rings. I raise my head from my desk--a tear rolls down my
cheek, still praying in silence.
Hoping, contemplating, asking--will the future ever change?

Staying in my stone cold shell.