Shadows Need Light

By Hiba Faruqi

A ransacked village in India is where my lineage began
Women, I will
Can never, ever know.
Tribulations my western brain
Cannot comprehend.
They made me.
I have the blood of

It Was Ricky

By Anna Schmeer

momma momma momma
it was ricky it was ricky

momma don’t believe that it was ricky who done it
she thinks i killed him

momma momma momma
don’t call the fuzz
it was ricky it was ricky

Forgotten: The Holocaust

By Alexa Schnieders

The horror, the brutality
eats away at my heart until I no longer
see the need to go on.

I bite my lip,
holding in the
the remorce
the screams
I want the world to hear.
but they won’t.

The Beast

By Dylan Spencer

On the way to the hospital I could feel no pain, but I knew what he had done to me earlier that day. I had just flown in from Kansas City, and it was my first day in Vegas. My dad had already gone to work, and grandma was out back mowing the lawn, unable to hear the sounds around her.

Your Opposite Reactions are Far Beyond Attractive

By Becky Peda

Regretful murder suicides
Or better yet, just suicides.

Acting as if you knew all about it,
You’re helping a lot,
Really, you’re not.

Never a Child

By Zoë Christianson

A class clown attempted murder today.
A mother’s little boy,
a child’s best friend,
a teacher’s beloved terror,
stood over the monster who raised his freckly faced son
like the animal he’d become,
clutching a knife.

The Tigros

By Sophia Daniel

They are dangerous and frightening,
Like a strike of lightning.
You have to watch out,
Because they can black you out.
You try to hold back,
Until the police come attack.
Watch out they’re coming,
Just like lightning is stunning.

O’Brien’s Gun

By Anna Castillo

A gun’s cause’s harm
To the innocent
And gives fairness to the verdict
It’s not really the gun but,
The soul behind the gun