Shadows Need Light

By Hiba Faruqi

A ransacked village in India is where my lineage began
Women, I will
Can never, ever know.
Tribulations my western brain
Cannot comprehend.
They made me.
I have the blood of

What’s Inside of You?

By David Henderson

“To Strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
Thou shalt never give up,
What is rightfully his,
Never whimper away from fears,
Never give away their tears,
Fight for what is right,
Inside the brightest of light,
We shall all have,

Hidden Strength

By Catherine Strayhall

I’m hanging from the edge.
Nothing stands between me
and falling but my own waning strength.
What if I fall? What if I seriously hurt myself?

Meet Me On the Battlefield

By Jacob McIntire

You see, I’ve been on both ends, the smile and the tear,
But still I stand after all of my years,
Perhaps a little wiser, maybe stronger too,
But I’m still nowhere close to what I’m meant to do.
And although I seem generous and incredibly kind,