Elementia bravery


On the Flipside

By Angela Clem

Hey baby, Chill out And just maybe We won’t shout You gotta let go You gotta freak out And just maybe We won’t shout You ask me to love I ask you to yell ‘cause hey, I ain’t no dove And trust me, I’ve fell It ain’t no good To stay and to think You really should Put yourself on the brink

This is Me

By Brooke Pannell

Hiding in the background. Behind everything and everybody. I’m missing something in me.

I wait at the end of the mat thinking those thoughts. Thinking as hard as my brain would let me. When I’m starting to run...

Meet Me On the Battlefield

By Jacob McIntire

You see, I’ve been on both ends, the smile and the tear, But still I stand after all of my years, Perhaps a little wiser, maybe stronger too, But I’m still nowhere close to what I’m meant to do. And although I seem generous and incredibly kind, Always being mature can make me lose my mind, My big

Stepping Out Into The World

By Kendall Lanier

People hide in the darkness of the day They see it happen but they stay away But today is the day that I speak up and say something Being brave, not afraid Taking a chance and stepping out Being heard not reticent Standing up and speaking out Never hiding in the shadow Seeing the world smiling in