Plight of the Introvert

By Kayla Doubrava

Typing the conclusion of my English essay,
in a loud, dimly lit coffee shop,
I peer over my laptop screen
and see the type of girl you only see
in pictures.

Dandelion Girl

By Aroog Khaliq

They called her Little, but Little was big. Little was tall, with stooped shoulders and an odd, loping gait. Mostly, though, Little was lonely.

She was like a dandelion in a field of perfectly cut grass—bright and beautiful to some, but ugly and unwanted to others. 

Stepping Out Into The World

By Kendall Lanier

People hide in the darkness of the day
They see it happen but they stay away
But today is the day that I speak up and say something
Being brave, not afraid
Taking a chance and stepping out
Being heard not reticent
Standing up and speaking out