Elementia breaking free


It Was Ricky

By Anna Schmeer

momma momma momma it was ricky it was ricky

momma don’t believe that it was ricky who done it she thinks i killed him

momma momma momma don’t call the fuzz it was ricky it was ricky

Autobiographic Incident

By Anonymous

It was a mild day in the middle of the summer, not the type that glued your shirt to your back, but the type where the soft spoken wind whistled easy, breezy tunes if you weren’t too busy to listen. Me, being a kid, I was never busy.

On the Flipside

By Angela Clem

Hey baby, Chill out And just maybe We won’t shout You gotta let go You gotta freak out And just maybe We won’t shout You ask me to love I ask you to yell ‘cause hey, I ain’t no dove And trust me, I’ve fell It ain’t no good To stay and to think You really should Put yourself on the brink

Cherry Lies

By Abby Harrison

The people in my world are all for free speech so long as it’s not mine. Stemmed from a mind of national concern, it hardly counts as an emergency when I try to dig my nails into the glass separating me from the world and tear them apart. Waiting for pity or strength to release me so long as no o


By Skyler Pippin

I hate putting my family through pain If I could wrong my rights I would be sane Until that point I hang my head in shame

I wish not but blame myself

For what I did I know not Help They know I do have faith Even though I’m in this deep dark place



By Lauren Engelken

All I’ve ever wanted is independence from everyone and to live my own life. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never had that before living with a large family and controlling parents but it’s something I always long for.


By Delaney Herman

I’m torn between two worlds One where I’m accepted from what I’ve become And another where I’m hated for who I’ve been. Each day I walk the line between the worlds Trying to keep each other apart But I know one day I will fail And the two worlds will collide.

My Own Thoughts

By Morgan Shaffer

Sometimes I think you’re doing this on purpose, Locking me up inside. With no light seeping through. My skin turning pale, My hope being lost. Leaving me by myself, A world so alone. I feel trapped in a prison, Or lost in a crowd. There is something about this that makes me grow ill. I don’t see