Elementia freedom



By Annie Barry

Embers in my hair, black dust getting to my lungs. Red, yellow, purple, blue fire in front of me, behind me, beside me. Above and below me. Within me.

What is Music?

By Loren Ferguson

What is music? Music is calm, soft, like fresh grass I lay on in the spring , like the gentle breeze that plays its symphony. That’s what music means to me.

Luck of the Draw

By Zoë Christianson

Stand up if you have a religion Keep standing if your parents gave it you Keep standing if you would never consider another Because you were born and raised this way


By JDC Resident

I wonder... I sit in my cell and wonder where will I be when this is all over? will there be something waiting for me on the other side of the door? Will the world have changed? Or will it all be the same?


By Josiah Jackson

Condemned by them Isolation Controlled by them Aggravation Freedom lost Twice the cost

I am on probation


By Lauren Engelken

All I’ve ever wanted is independence from everyone and to live my own life. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never had that before living with a large family and controlling parents but it’s something I always long for.


By Delaney Herman

I’m torn between two worlds One where I’m accepted from what I’ve become And another where I’m hated for who I’ve been. Each day I walk the line between the worlds Trying to keep each other apart But I know one day I will fail And the two worlds will collide.


By Michele Ortiz

My life is trapped inside glass walls I try hard to make them fall But nothing can penetrate them The only escape is around the rim I’m stuck to the earth around me Hoping one day to be free I try to grow over the rim when it’s low But it seems to rise each time I grow If the walls see weakness i

My Own Thoughts

By Morgan Shaffer

Sometimes I think you’re doing this on purpose, Locking me up inside. With no light seeping through. My skin turning pale, My hope being lost. Leaving me by myself, A world so alone. I feel trapped in a prison, Or lost in a crowd. There is something about this that makes me grow ill. I don’t see


By Heather Martin

Hatred melts away Madness peels back from my mind Wrongs are diluted

Accompany me To a place so far away Let us reside there

Sit in wait of me Yet we are still together Take long walks with me

Hatred knows no bonds No shackles of contempt Free as the bluebirds


By Erin Ashley

The mountain trail is steep, and even I am having a hard time staying upright. The ridge I’m on is rocky and desolate, and I am the only thing moving. My chest is heaving as I struggle over the treacherous granite.

Gone and Now I’m Free

By Hannah E. Jenkins

The hate that lived within me, that inhabited my very core Gone!

It has no home with me anymore I’ve let it go It no longer rules me

I’m free To have joy unknown I’m free To claim love as my own I’m free To live life without a burden

Steve Harmon, age 16: Prisoner

By Paige Breyfogle

They say they help, They ain’t no good. Ask for food, Barely get kelp. I wish I could just be F r e e

They don’t believe me When I say, “I ain’t guilty!” They think I am filthy. I wish I could just be F r e e