By: Michele Ortiz

My life is trapped inside glass walls
I try hard to make them fall
But nothing can penetrate them
The only escape is around the rim
I’m stuck to the earth around me
Hoping one day to be free
I try to grow over the rim when it’s low
But it seems to rise each time I grow
If the walls see weakness in me
They’ll try to find a way to break me
I hide my true feelings from them
Praying they won’t detect my feelings within
Who could ever be loved behind glass walls?
Not being able to go anywhere at all
One day a bird flew over me
Said that he could love me
He said he could make my life complete
Instead of every day feeling so obsolete
I was glad he flew my way
Now I feel happier day by day
As the walls watch the bird fly above
They couldn’t stop him from sending me his love
The greatest thing in life is love
And I got mine from above