By: Delaney Herman

I’m torn between two worlds
One where I’m accepted from what I’ve become
And another where I’m hated for who I’ve been.
Each day I walk the line between the worlds
Trying to keep each other apart
But I know one day I will fail
And the two worlds will collide.

I try hard to escape
And find a place where I can be free from me:
The fake me I’ve created out of many lies
That has made me a friend to everyone
And the me that is misunderstood
By the friends that have been blinded
By the lies that I have told.

One day I will slip up.
One day I will get the me’s mixed up and then
Once the fatal error’s made I won’t be the same.
The black abyss will consume what is left
And when I am gone who will notice
That freak in the back of the room
Was actually the real me.