It Was Ricky

By: Anna Schmeer

momma momma momma
it was ricky it was ricky

momma don’t believe that it was ricky who done it
she thinks i killed him

momma momma momma
don’t call the fuzz
it was ricky it was ricky

it was ricky who shot mr. hawkins in the head
little miss lilly hawkins pissed off ricky but ricky didn’t wanna kill lilly
said she was too pretty to kill, that’s what ricky said

momma momma momma
ricky can’t go to jail
he has to help his momma
i know, ricky has gotten in problems before
but he always bail himself out
ricky can’t go to jail
ricky can’t go to jail

sirens sound in the distance
a baby cries from inside a shabby house
mr. hawkins’ blood is pooling on the cement outside his house
coming from the hole in his head

momma momma momma
ricky ran off
i dunno where he go

momma called the fuzz on me
not on ricky
she think it was me who shot ‘im
but it was ricky

momma momma momma
they here
they comin’ for me
tell them it was ricky
it was ricky

some police officers knock on the door of the house
a group of paramedics surround mr. hawkins​

i gotta go

i love you momma
don’t tell them i’m gone
tell ’em that
it was ricky

i open the window and jump out
i hit the ground running
past lawrie’s deli
past ricky’s momma’s place
to the old playground


ricky is sitting on the swing
the gun and mr. hawkins’ blood on his hands

i don’t regret what i done
little miss lilly hawkins deserved it

what does she deserve ricky

to live with the fact that it’s her fault her ol’ daddy got killed

ricky      ricky      ricky

you gotta run ricky
you gotta take the gun and run
they coming for you ricky

sirens are coming towards the playground

ricky gets up

i’ll miss you

i’ll miss you too ricky

don’t tell ’em it was me

ricky turns and runs into the woods
behind the swings

don’t fall in the creek ricky
don’t fall in the creek

the sirens stop as a police car pulls up to the playground
two police officers get out, with their hands on their guns
the guns are still in the holsters, at least

sirs, it was ricky
it wasn’t me
ricky got pissed off and shot
little miss lilly hawkins’ daddy
i dunno why

the fuzz ask me where ricky went

i dunno
i thought he would be here
but he ain’t

they ask me again if i’m sure it was ricky

it was ricky

sorry ricky​