Forgotten: The Holocaust

By: Alexa Schnieders

The horror, the brutality
eats away at my heart until I no longer
see the need to go on.

I bite my lip,
holding in the
the remorce
the screams
I want the world to hear.
but they won’t.

I watch my people, my family, suffer
then perish.
I haul them
with the beady guard’s eyes
watching...waiting for me to stumble,
to gasp,
but I won’t.

The tears
though I try to blink them back,
my feet carry me
as I carry my
beloved ones.

I’d be forgotten
a number
a mere
I want the people to remember,
but they won’t.
I fade away,
until I’m a
walking corpse.
No more than skin
and bones
no joy left,
no feeling left,
no anger left.
I am no longer human,
I’m a statistic...