Elementia Bonds



By JDC Resident

My Dad’s taken on many roles, mother father martial artist experimenter business owner gardener I learn from him he teaches me the real values of life he’s prepared me to live.


By JDC Resident

Used and abused Still standing strong You are the one I lean on Who knows how to turn it around With me through thick and thin No matter what, where, or when The pain of being without you Excruciating Day by day, I’m deteriorating I am going to do everything I can To get back home to see you agai

There for Me

By JDC Resident

There for me, my dad “No matter what,” he promised By my side Refusing to ever give up on me - no matter what I did If everyone else gave up My Dad would stand by me Telling me he believes in me Knows I am strong To think positively To get through these rough times