I Would Say...

By Hannah Jenkins

I would say that by noon my
Heart really knew my purpose
My goals, the plan for rescue.
I would say that it’s better
To never regret, never take back,
Try not to be a brat.
I know that life is better when
One is not alone.

An Outsider

By Alyx Delgado

My outside a shy, colorless human being
Soft spoken and gentle as can be
How I appear “perfect” and “flawless” as can be.
However my only flaw may be how I have another person
Wanting to be set free...


By Maddie Miguel

Truth is lost in our society.
It’s constantly altered into lies
that we all think is true but isn’t.
Truth, although harshly real,
is transformed into gossip
confusing its listeners.
Sliding off the tongues
of well trained liars

Life in a Swamp of Lies

By Brandon Rainwater

Never wanted to be proven wrong
Even when trapped in a corner
Heart thumping;
Knee's quivering;
Lip's trembling;
As my mind races to cover up yet another

What started out as one little innocent white lie
Has splintered out into uncountable amounts


By Jaden Gragg

There is so much beneath the surface
of what we are being told,
like cream rising to the top of milk,
like layers in the ocean,
like light filtering in only through the top.
The rest is inky darkness,
so much life and truth swirling beneath the surface.