Elementia Space


The Comet

By Holden Meier

Billions of miles away, the Oort Cloud orbited the Sun in silence. The cloud, consisting of thousands upon thousands of chunks of ice and rock, formed the edge of the Solar System, millions of miles past Neptune.

Where Am I

By Elijiah Hernandez

I hear walkie talkies – kusssshhhhh. People talking, “Blah, blah, blah, bleep.” I hear toilets flush. Basketballs bounce and swoosh. This place is full of it: empty. 

heaven in the southern hemisphere

By Carli Plymale

i could break beneath the weight of atmosphere. these stars, balanced atop my head are heavier than the sun, lending their light across a universe, a lifetime to shatter my insides in their silence. the ground has already crumbled, soft and cold between my toes stilled and pliant under the sky’s

The Spacewalk

By Cole Wilson

Hadfield gazed out the small glass window, a portal to home. Through the opening, an inspiring sight, the bright sunlight shone. Swirling colors, pushing to the horizon, a palette of aquamarine, And through the dappled cover of clouds, a deep forest green. The distant surface hurtled past his fee