elementia Water


Perfect Wave Pools

By Jack Lapin

So many people crowded into one wave pool.

All together in one container,

Yet in separate groups, hardly mingling with others.

The designers did their best to replicate nature,

But only to an extent.

Waves for five minutes, rest for five minutes,


By Lily Sykora

I sit there, in my own little world.

The fountain flows like a babbling brook as I inhale deeply.

 I’m alone with my thoughts, and nothing else.

Just me, I sit on a smooth rock in the middle of the lake.

The soft murmur of kids

Glass Half Full

By Helen Peng

The appeal of the beach is different

For everyone who visits.

Some venture deep into the water,

Their heads bobbing above and below the surface

Of the bittersweet saltwater.

Perhaps they crave adventure,

Letting the waves envelope their bodies,

Her Sinning Soul

By Aurora Westphal

We caught her,
Slowly dying,
Submerged in water,
Alone and crying,
Slowly dying,
As she falls,
Alone and crying.
The sinner crawls.
As she falls,
I heard the voice,
The sinner crawls,
Listen to the noise,