Perfect Wave Pools

By: Jack Lapin

So many people crowded into one wave pool.

All together in one container,

Yet in separate groups, hardly mingling with others.

The designers did their best to replicate nature,

But only to an extent.

Waves for five minutes, rest for five minutes,

Every five minutes, on the dot -

Because nature isn’t perfect.

Sometimes the ocean waves are too strong to lounge in,

Or too clouded with sand and dirt,

scattered seaweed getting tangled in hair.

A fish will brush the leg of a pretty girl and make her scream.

A wave pool, however, is perfect.

Perfect for two hundred people to crowd in,

Together in their cliques but not as a whole,

Enjoying the chlorinated, clear water;

Clear, at least, until somebody can’t get out quick enough

And it’s not so pure anymore.