Elementia Place



By Samiya Rasheed

My mother mourns leaving her own country so deeply it runs through her veins into mine. Bangladesh is what she knows and what she loves. She spends her time showing me her culture: spinning through dances, running through poetry, and wading through history.


By Clara Rabbani

The West, To me, Is Capoeira.

Boundless And filled with Saudade.

It is The macaws Of the Amazon. And the macaques Of the tamarind trees.

In the West, I string words together like beads.


By James Fitzgerald

Montana and Wyoming The sprawling landscape of Yellowstone Against towering mountains Form a place that I’d never seen before The animals and people you meet at pull offs Are what make the experience an experience Waiting for Old Faithful to burst After a long enough time it does The height of th

A Walk

By Rachel Stander

Yesterday, I took a walk. I went through the park, I passed by one empty cup, two used napkins, three cigarette butts. I jaywalked across the street, past the hardware store and into the coffee shop. I ordered a small latte, handed the pretty barista a five-dollar bill and stuffed the change in m


By Connie Hu

From afar           it melts into the brush. Thick, thorny weeds           ravage its pitiful landscape. It is forbidding terrain,           with a pothole landmine and shattered windows,           looking like gouged eye sockets. Eternal no-man’s-land. But wait. An abandoned archway           co

Hawaiian Paradise

By Daria Le Grand

The sky gleamed a radiant blend of colors which reflected on the glassy ocean. The aroma of varieties of flowers fresh from the fields lingered in the air.

A Spectacular View

By Leslie Goodwin

A cool breeze shuffled my hair, causing deep chestnut strands to tangle in my eye lashes. As my purse swung loosely at my hip, I slowly lifted my hand to shield my defenseless eyes against the brilliant sun. I exhaled deeply, letting the awe and amazement settle in the pit of my stomach.


By Brooke Stanley

Bumping the van, our holey road twists onto the dark side of each mountain, drawing us into night and the nervousness of a stranger at the wheel in an unfamiliar place. The stars are swallowed, the moon gone from the rough highway and jagged peaks. Suddenly, I see an orange glow in the black, bes

The Climbing Tree

By Ann E. Mclean

The Ponderosa Pines hunched ponderously, Their convoluted gestures frozen With dry, rasping limbs in stages of vexation And narrow forearms lifted high In savored moments of exalted epiphany. My brother and I climbed the questions They grew, Our legs crouching and stretching Over the contours of

The Neverending Adventure

By Tyler Joseph

At the sparkling lake,

from the early morning sunrise.

With boats at high speed ,

with skiers behind them.

From the bright early mornings,

to the beautiful horizon of the evening.

The lake is an emotion

that sparks smiles all around.

Glass Half Full

By Helen Peng

The appeal of the beach is different

For everyone who visits.

Some venture deep into the water,

Their heads bobbing above and below the surface

Of the bittersweet saltwater.

Perhaps they crave adventure,

Letting the waves envelope their bodies,

Pieces of My Heart

By Anonymous

Since the first breath of life, one adventure to the next, I can only reflect back in fondness to the scattered pieces of my heart.

Patchwork of Places

By Catherine Strayhall

The losses we experience The victories we achieve… They become intertwined With the places we inhabit As we go about our lives. Meaning and memory tie us to these places So that even when we leave somewhere, Or the buildings disappear Or the land changes, We’re a part of those places, And those p


By Aaron Peterson

When I think of Iowa, I think of cattle, I think of the rattle under the road, driving by humble abodes. I imagine cornfields, I imagine barns, driving by the farms, I hear the rumble of tractors, the thunder in the sky during summertime, I smell the stink of the cows, we should be nearly there n

Where I Belong

By Lauren Keller

I was once told that we must take adventures to know where we truly belong, meaning that we have to search to find the perfect place for ourselves. I do not necessarily agree or disagree with this statement.

Available Space

By Faith Freeman

Place: noun, defined as a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone; i.e. one’s spot at the table, or if you think like me, one’s place in this world.