Hawaiian Paradise

By: Daria Le Grand

The sky gleamed a radiant blend of colors which reflected on the glassy ocean. The aroma of varieties of flowers fresh from the fields lingered in the air. The wind blew violently, as if some powerful invisible force were pushing it heftily toward us, and my sister Kaya and I laughed as our hair was tousled by the wind. We romped around the beach, the warm sand clinging to our feet while clouds of it chased after us, rearing up to spray us in the face when we least expected it.

We picked up handfuls of sand and threw them at each other. I closed my eyes as I was blinded by the ferocious whirlpool of sand. I made a bowl out of my t-shirt and scooped sand into it. Then with a triumphant grunt I heaved the sand onto my sister who laughed and collapsed into the sand - giving up. I helped Kaya up and we raced to the shore where the water gently lapped and caressed the sand, making it wet and good to sink your feet into. We descended slowly into the water, allowing ourselves to become submerged in the thick blue blanket.

The sky darkened as shades of dark blues and purples quietly crept into it. My sister and I enjoyed the Hawaiian sunset as we bobbed gently up and down in the dark, mysterious water. Soon, our mom called us from her seat on the beach and told us it was time to go back to our hotel. And so our fantastic night came to an end as all good things do, though I’ll remember that first night in Hawaii forever because it was so much fun and the scene surrounding us was beautiful. All five of my senses were drinking in their surroundings creating a gorgeous memory of that night.