Elementia Places


My House

By Robert Widmer

i’ve been to a whole lot of towns in my life from monterey bay to atlanta to find the dream house i’ve wanted so long i don’t have to wait until santa


By Connie Hu

From afar           it melts into the brush. Thick, thorny weeds           ravage its pitiful landscape. It is forbidding terrain,           with a pothole landmine and shattered windows,           looking like gouged eye sockets. Eternal no-man’s-land. But wait. An abandoned archway           co

Hawaiian Paradise

By Daria Le Grand

The sky gleamed a radiant blend of colors which reflected on the glassy ocean. The aroma of varieties of flowers fresh from the fields lingered in the air.


By Sarah Hirsch

showers are often taken for granted a comfort for the morning, afternoon, late night, whenever consistently enveloping you in that same warm blanket always at that perfect angle so you never have to put in unnecessary effort