Pieces of My Heart

By: Anonymous

Since the first breath of life,
one adventure to the next,
I can only reflect back in fondness
to the scattered pieces of my heart.

Tall buildings and skyscrapers
lies, amidst, piece one.
Twin Cities separated by the
shinning, shimmering Mississippi River.
Memories of kayaks and bicycle rides
through the evergreen, forever green

Trees climb back into my mind
as piece two hides peacefully inside
Rocky Mountain terrain.
Cool nights of pine and sleeping bags,
millions upon millions of stars,
Heavens dancing to our acoustic

Sounds begin the third piece,
the buzz of the Kansas City skyline,
whispers of the Great Plains.
Dancing through life, discovering our own style,
our own music, our own

As I look to the future,
these pieces left behind, these lessons learned,
I only hope, one day,
there will be a thousand pieces scattered
throughout the world
and the world within me.