Love like stardust

By: Erinn Fent

You waltz by
Zipping through my stratosphere
Leaving almost tangible trails
Streams of fog and particles of water
Falling slowly down to my earth
You come in and out of orbit
Following a reckless collision course
Sometimes I could reach out and touch you
But you’d burn me
So I hold back
I’ll watch that pale blond head bob in and out of view
Hold my breath every time I see your shining face
Wave at you
Hope that you see
Even though you never do
All the colors of the universe combined should make a mucky brown
But science says that it makes white
The rainbow condensed is like light shining through the ozone layer, piercing my eyes
Stabbing my heart
Soft curls bounce their way around me
Your eyes and your walk
The way you carry yourself
Leaving me like Tantalus
Forever just a few inches off
You tempt me like a shining grapefruit
Ripe and fresh on the vine
Just out of reach
Every time I think I could make a move
Every time I think I’m close
That I might have a chance
You slip away
Into the vacuum of space
Only to return another day
Continue this cycle of torture
Me chasing and you forever out of reach
A constant push and pull
A silent game of cat and mouse
You are a star
Only three classrooms down from me right now
Shining in your fast-paced glory
Eyes burning bright blue like the hottest flame
You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
Your smile rivals that of Euphrosyne
Your beauty beats out even Aphrodite
The gods of the heavens must consider your presence a blessing to them
Because you are an ephemeral blip to them
But a concrete addiction for me
You, who comes in and out of my life
A star I can only see on certain nights
A goddess who can’t be viewed in the glorious light of day
For she would burn our eyes to ash
Turn our bodies into soil to grow the fruits of our love
Only flowering and never bearing the rewards
Kept forever out of reach
You grace my life like holidays grace the year
Blessing special days
Making them believe they’re unique
You brush my hand
Or touch my shoulder
Your hand hovering over my back
Almost touching my waist
The self-conscious lines traced across my body fading with your smile
Your smile
The greatest sign of joy
Nothing could ever compare
I could only beg for you to come back into orbit
To grace my home planet once again
To give me just a touch of your love
Your love
Like stardust