Real World

By: Maddie Miguel

This is the real world
With limited freedom, and lots of things to fear
Where you can’t get away from the truth
This is where violence lives, and people follow you
Where guns are triggered at any time or place
The tears will roll on a sorrowful face
People sometimes assumedly think
That the real world is in the city streets
But sometimes it’s in the neighborhoods and schools
The truth will always find you
In the news or at your desk
As there’s killings and bomb threats
Confused love
Getting mugged
Dealing with disappointment
Learning that it just ain’t worth it
This is where reality isn’t blurred or bleeped out
Where people use their right to shout
It’s not safe in the school hallways
Bullies see their prey run away
Money is wasted on precious useless things
They show off their wealth through stupid bling
Relationships are getting pretty short
He’ll leave you like the one before
Here, trust is hard to find
People will control your mind
A loving heart will easily brake
Earthquakes will destroy when it shakes
Natural disasters have been hurting
Political power just isn’t working
Pure innocence of a child destroyed
Nothing left to fill the void