By: Michelle Chan

Falling , falling down to earth
toward the place I was given birth
I close my eyes and count to three
A sad requiem for an unknown dream.
Why is it that people of this nation
Are only in it for the fascination?
Always on the run
Just looking for more fun?
When no ones there
to even give a single care?
I look back and ask my friend this strange question
She looks out with the oddest expression,
and said, “We can change the world if we wanted”
A grin stretched across her face as she taunted.
I say, “Why can’t we change the world now?
Before it all comes tumbling down?”
People cry from the streets,
“Someone save me from this path.
Why did I deserve such wrath?”
It may sound greedy
And really quite needy
But I ask to travel to a land of perfection
Away from this world’s awful reflection.
Carry me off into the air
Lift me with care.
Spinning, twirling, and floating aimlessly around.
My head feels a bit airy.
Taken to a far away land
Hopefully it will be easier to understand.
As I picture a perfect world of gold
A venture thought of by young and old
The images pass by with the speed of light
Endlessly reaching out into the night
Clouds gray upon the disappearance of the sun
Why stop now the journey has begun
Excitement is bursting in me
As my eyes turn away to see
That this new world is just made of plastic
a world of uniformity
Everyone is swallowed up by their own stupidity
Their hearts of glass are fragile as such
And crumble with the slightest touch
Carry on by crying to sleep in their beds
Pretending that there was nothing wrong with their head.
They laugh the same, they talk the same
And wonder who is to blame
These people’s lies
Pile up towards the sky.
Is it impossible even for the wise
To think how these people can
Have a peaceful demise
My head tries to think up an action
To stop my heart from crushing
Under this reaction.
This place is no different than
The one before.
A realization that leaves me
Wailing on the floor.
A shadow figure comes from the alley
Leads me away from this sad reality
A shadow’s voice rings
“Quickly before you are
consumed by the darkness.
Go home where you belong,
back to Kansas.”
I came to behold
That what I was told
Was nothing but my blinded ambitions
To achieve my so called world peace visions.
On that journey to find my way
I learned an important lesson that day
Sometimes our suffering
Our every, waking, aching pains
Cannot be erased by the cold rains.
There is no youth or money flowing
From the fountains just a life of
Mountains hidden behind mountains.
Sometime thunder can’t block out
The noise, even those obnoxious
Teenage boys. Love and hate are
Two sides of the same coin
In life these two must join
My friend’s voice still rings clear,
“Give the world a second chance,
Like the time you thought you couldn’t dance.”
I’ll show all the rest
I won’t settle for the second best
My experiences from Oz
Were not a total lost cause
Just know that paths don’t always lead
To happy endings; be creative and stand out
And be known--this is your life--all your own.
My slow descent revealed that my reality
was never that distant.
And so I’ll tell you something,
“Only boring people are boring...”