Elementia anger


Peace: a 21st century Anachronism

By Alicia Dressman

Five dozen shouting. All mouths open vocalizing hatred for hate – some to be cool, others to get it out – shouting loud, looking left and right for the movement. Where’s it going? Never looking from where it came; Grab a slogan, get to the sidewalks, Pound your message into the pavement, The mud

Why Me?

By Leah Chesbrough

Sad Hiding Anger Heart beating faster Sweating Embarrassed Foul Friends Ganging up on me Frightening Victim Bullied Wanted popularity Gossip Crying Anxious to leave Run away Needed to vent Hot Yell Their fault Not an angel About to burst Wanted to be understood Lacked support Determined to stay a

What the Fck You, excerpt

By David Marrero

Every time that you promise It puts me in this constant positive mood then you let me down

why don’t you just stop it?

Getting my hopes up so high why would you even bother? This relationship slightly reminding me of my father


By Anonymous

I hate being short the feeling of being left out how I have to say stuff in front of everyone answering questions in front of people even though I know it how I don’t know stuff I hate how sometimes, I’m mean, to some people and pets how I get bullied, for something I can’t control I hate how my

Eyes Shut Wide

By Yasi Farahmandnia

Barricading our creativity and emotion they stand As tall as our dreams And as vague as our goals

Amplifying the feeble ground they stand Constructing our world Limiting our thought Cubing our flexibility Opposing our expansion