By: Anonymous

I hate
being short
the feeling of being left out
how I have to say stuff in front of everyone
answering questions in front of people even though I know it
how I don’t know stuff
I hate
how sometimes,
I’m mean,
to some people and pets
how I get bullied,
for something I can’t control
I hate
how my parents get mad and yell at me
how I cry a lot
how I don’t take a lot of risks
how I get so nervous and all worked up about stuff
I hate
how I do something that took me a long time to do,
and I think it’s awesome,
then someone else comes along,
and does something a lot better than what I did
I hate
that I can’t remember a lot of stuff
that I don’t understand some stuff,
and I don’t know how to ask for help
how people think I’m younger than I really am,
so I can’t do stuff people my age get to do