The Secret

By Cole Fevold

A secret that was not meant for ears,

Would be told for many years.

Some whispered words meant for a friend,

Would be overheard and spread without end.

The Mistake Girl

By Portia Miller

The mistake girl is in the corner,

Facing the wall,

Counting how many cracks are in the cheap,

Thinning plaster.

Trying desperately and

Failing to block out her mother’s voice.


Setting a price.

The Maple Tree

By Ramya Chilappa

Marina Green had always been the epitome of normal. She got good grades, but they were nothing phenomenal. She was pretty enough, but no great beauty. She had friends (did one count?), but was nowhere near a social butterfly.

You Know What Hurts

By Zander Glynn

When racial slurs are used against you

When people leave you out because of your skin color

When people look at you because of your skin

When you know you’re different

When someone spits at you because of your skin


By Anonymous

I hate

being short

the feeling of being left out

how I have to say stuff in front of everyone

answering questions in front of people even though I know it

how I don’t know stuff

I hate

how sometimes,

I’m mean,


By Anonymous

Stop bugging me

Stop discriminating

Stop calling me names

Stop the physical hurt

Stop shoving

Stop picking on me

Stop bringing me down

Stop laughing

Stop the breaking

Stop being a jerk