Elementia horror


Mr. Raney

By Allison Franks

Mr. Raney was always a favorite of ours. Our neighborhood is one of the loveliest neighborhoods around. When he first moved in everyone breathed a sigh of relief because he moved into the ugliest and most neglected house on the street. We expected great things from him.

Soul to Pick

By Yolene Pancarte

Bony hands, What do they do? They play at dice And with whom? A promoted demon Who wants my soul And they tell him, Bony hands, He can have it all!

Fall Stalker

By Eric Carter

In the fall you notice leaves that are hanging on the trees, noisily moving in the gentle breeze. All the leaves hang lowly through the night as if they’re poisoned, the leaves and trees alike. They are dying slowly, yet as if they were imprisoned, and have the need to fight.

Scarlet Hall

By Jaden Gragg

Hearing the phantom calls of the organ, And the soft murmur of the church choir, Awakened from sleep with a feeling she couldn’t describe, She got out of bed and followed it outside. A careful mist lay over her small town, a light shield of protection. On the rusted train tracks she walked, Each

The Twilight

By Audra Spitzer

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night? You look around and all your clocks are flashing. Blinking, on and off, on and off. You think to yourself, was it supposed to storm tonight? You decide the best way to find the solution is to check outside.

Cold Mannerism in Marble

By Jaden Gragg

Standing stiffly in an elevator, An automatic mouth swallowing, The girl who so surely stepped inside, When she was little, Hoping for a ride.

Take My Fear

By Ayah Abdul-Rauf

DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… DIM… The soft, high note of the last key on a piano rang through the night repeatedly… and it was keeping someone up.

Feb 21, 2020

The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires begins with a normal description of the affluent life of a bored southern housewife.  Just before you think it is another dysfunctional family story, Patricia Campbell, one of our five book club members and main character, is attacked by an elderly neighbor while putting out the garbage at night. The elderly neighbor is put in the hospital, as is Patricia.  Then a handsome relative of the neighbor comes to stay at the house and help out. Patricia being the lovely southern lady she is feels she should take over a casserole and help out if