The Twilight

By: Audra Spitzer

Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night? You look around and all your clocks are flashing. Blinking, on and off, on and off. You think to yourself, was it supposed to storm tonight? You decide the best way to find the solution is to check outside. As you struggle with the covers to get up, it seems that somebody has tried to wrap you like a burrito. The darkness takes over and you begin to wonder where he’s hiding. Could he be under the bed? In the closet? A swimming noodle then falls onto your bed. You think, hmm, where did this come from?

While you’re wondering, you come up with the perfect plan! You can use this noodle to swing open the closet door all the way! In the process of doing this, the darkness takes over again. What if that’s exactly what he wants you to do? Obviously there is no fooling this guy. You then decide to get a running start to jump as far away from the bed as you can in the direction of the door. One, Two, Three, SMACK into the door. You open the door and feel a gust of wind flow past you. Pondering for a second, you decide to step out. Wow, it’s cold out here, you think. You go a little farther down the hall with great caution. Ewh, something wet! Finally you wake up and realize you’re lying on your cold wooden floor and you have messed yourself.

Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. But only in the twilight . . .