By: Emily Steinmetz

Walking step by step to a place unknown,

people look past me like I’m a monster,

part of the disowned.

My heart is lost and I’m brought to a shadow of blue,

cheeks stained with tears,

a feeling that is far from new.

By the time the night is over,

it is just another day,

another heart that suffers,

my hands and body shaking in every single way.

Where is my home?

Who is there for me?

Is there a place beyond the darkness?

Or is it just another heartless broken disease?

There is light at the end of the tunnel but it is just followed

by the never ending black,

this is my painful home,

and I’m never going back.

The light is only vacant for the moments of disguise,

but it slowly disappears when the night has come to rise.

Feeling the empty pit of where my home once was,

I come to a realization of what it never truly was.

I am a homeless vendor seeking for some love to be at ease,

but now I have found my place of happiness,

in the heart of myself and not of anyone else, to please.