By Hannah McCann

Reading should never just be

considered an option.

A life without reading, not

understanding words, only

spots on a page, with the power

to change worlds, but they’re

dead without a voice, no meaning

till they’re read.

An Open Letter to Joseph Conrad

By Jess Holmes

Dear Mr. Uber-Goth,

I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies within the mind of any literary genius, but I’ve got to let it out...your endless pessimism is bringing me down.

Dr. Suess-Athon

By Nick Wassmer

When so many things stop and they clatter, up in the jabambaway things hip, hop and shatter. For up in this place a great WHO lurks about For the little who-whoians ask and they pout. For the lorax knows best, so the Lorax puts those who-whoians to the ultimate test!!


By Patrick Barry

As a grade school student I would read comic books. I was no expert in the field nor any sort of serious collector but never the less I enjoyed reading them. I liked all sorts of heroes, Marvel or D.C., but my favorite was The Shadow. I liked almost every comic book hero.


By Bailey Fi

The pencil soars across the black page

painting imagination, uniqueness

illuminating places concealed in the corner of your mind

bringing eccentric beasts into the fabric of reality

blustering winds rush over once serene, quiet glades


By Angel Jewel Dew

came to me

in a dream;

tis’ I believe

dreams do





By Alexandra Miller

Turning book pages

taking a journey,

a mystical



By Saadia Siddiqua

home can be anywhere with a song

a constant melody

an extravagant sound

warmth without sun

cold without ice

feel anyway you’d like

Why Reading Is So Important To The World

By Leanne Chun

Reading. Books. Even if the two are generally frowned

upon in our day and age, they shouldn’t be. Books are

the things that raised our nation. John Adams, Thomas

Jefferson, John Hancock, and countless others used books, or

Simple Words

By Rylee Wilson

How could reading be an option?

It definitely could not.

I think of all the books I've read

that will not easily be forgot.


By Alexandra Miller



open one

and hear the sounds of

a market in Cairo.

Open one

and smell the crisp air

of the mountains.

Open one

and see the torrential rain in London.

Open one


By Alexandra Miller

Crack the spine loudly.

Savor the pages fragrance

Consume the content.

Turn the pages slowly.

Continue reading aloud.

Voice calls me away.

Return to the book.

Curling up to read again


By Amanda Akridge

I could spend an eternity upstairs reading.

Under the covers reading, hiding like a bear for winter.

Skimming the pages all day.

In the world of Anne.

Flip, Flip, Flip, Go the pages.

Her always saying Anne spelled with an “e”.

Spoiler alert!

By Romila Santra

screaming letters warn

cautioning, threatening

but I lean in

revel in the reveal 

most don’t like spoilers

but I live for them