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Blue Man

By Claire Ryan

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were two kingdoms. The Thintassia Kingdom was led by King Blue Man, and all of the people tried to be like King Blue Man and eat as little as possible. “Skinny is beautiful, skinny is beautiful,” the King would exclaim; the crowd would go wild.


By Portia Miller

What does it tell you? Does it tell you what lies in your heart? It tells you what lies on the outside, That’s for certain. It tells you how other people perceive you. How they label you. You have feel the weight of those labels. They are a thousand bricks on your shoulders. You feel an obligatio

The Difference Between Simile and Self

By Rachel Franklin

I have problems and I’ll swap mine with you like trading cards. Long lovely disorders go over the lips like chocolate but honey, we’ve been writing about these pits of darkness long before shrinks slapped name tags on them. While the rest of the world cringes and looks away together we will scrib