The Tale of the King of Thieves

By: Mellissa Osborne

There is a world so different than ours
Where elves walk with man and have mystical powers
And in this world, on the streets of a small castletown
There you’d find the most honorable rogue around
It was home to the King of Thieves.

With his cobalt-blue hair and his ears pointed high
He robbed in robes the color of the midnight sky
Taking only from the rich, giving the poor what he could
You could consider him a kind of elven Robin Hood
And he was the King of Thieves.

In the dead of the night, he could enter a castle
The guards were unharmed - they weren’t a hassle.
He robbed the barons of their gold that shined
And the next day, the destitute dined on their wine
For he was the King of Thieves.

Through a twist of the fates, a girl was brought
From our world to his; her mother she sought.
The King took her in and gave her shelter
On her quest, he happily agreed to help her
She befriended the King of Thieves.

And so, on this strange girl’s quest for her mother
The King told her as they grew fond of one other:
“You’ve done what I’d thought impossible to do.
Surely, there’s no better thief than you:
You stole the heart of the King of Thieves.”

She returned his feelings; on each other they’d depend
But as they say, all good things come to an end.
The girl found her mother, who then sent her home
Back to the world she belonged to; the King was left alone.
She had to leave the King of Thieves.

Life after for the King didn’t feel the same
Those happy feelings from her presence, he couldn’t regain.
He put off thievery for a while to think things through
But he’d known all along what it was he must do
To mend the heart of the King of Thieves.

Back home, the girl missed the King of Thieves as well
She felt life without him was a living hell.