Green Sanctuary

By: Karen Lieffring

Come with me into these memories
Where grown-ups are not allowed
Across the deep concrete river
Where in giant hollow owl’s eyes
You can hear the hidden bears’ growls.
Beneath high branches curved like arches
Their leaves intertwined
Like a patchy living ceiling
For this green chapel
This childhood hidden haven
Where magic seems alive and well.
Moss carpet murmurs of its comfort
With each bounce step
Engulfing stone pews more and more
with every passing year
Only the stone-bound sacred maiden
On her altar of stones and roots
Remains untouched by vegetation
Erosion unknown to her downcast face.
Believed to be held under a spell
While waiting for a love unknown.

In dreams a white she-wolf
Guides me the way back to this place
While ravens overhead remain
As my centennials of the forest.
Where the wind whispers gently,
“Stay here and I’ll protect you
Remain within and we’ll keep you safe.”

A secret sanctuary
I still cannot truly claim as my own
For time has passed swiftly
As the rainwater through the creek bed
And the deed for that sacred
Land has changed hands
Yet still it remains in me
Among the pool of memories in my head
That I can dive into when the outside world
drives me mad.
A sanctuary for all time
For all who wish to join
Simply close your eyes and follow me
Across the dry concrete river beds.