A Girl with Insomnia and a Fast Car

By Ruby Cullen

Jessie’s nights have been difficult for as long as she can remember.

If Only

By Linh Lam

If only that person were on the same planet.
If only that person were in the same hemisphere.
If only that person were in the same continent.
If only that person were in the same nation.


By Abigail Cottingham

His taste in music was mayonnaise: bland and unappreciated by most of the population. I guess you could say I love mayonnaise. We attended the same school, but a year separated us so we didn’t have any classes together.

I was in love with that girl

By Anonymous

I remember the guilt I had as
A nine year old girl
When I kissed another girl
Just for fun.
I wouldn’t have
If she didn’t lead me on
Blue eyes
Red-brown hair.
After the first time she kissed me
My heart hurt

Stained Glass

By Oli Ray

I feel like a shattered stained glass window.


By Katherine Young

When I rewind the tangled film of that year to replay again,
the transcript hitches, a tainted roll of chromatography paper,
taken out from the closet a few too many times;
when I carefully crop it to the segment in question,