elementia Driving



By Molly Oberstein-Allen

The crack in the windshield of my father’s gold Camry
used to be just a scratch no one noticed,
but somehow, like milkweed creeping up
among the tulips in my mother’s garden
it grew into a scar that slices the horizon
in two above Metcalf Avenue

On the Drive Home

By Grace Wilcox

white road lines merging under
our worn out tires,
taking us away
the radio vibrates with
noise over the homeless 
man on the curb,
boombox over stereo
used to be versions of me
over what we’re left with
maybe he wants to get hit

Cars On Roads Like Blood In Veins

By Willow Vaughn

This wouldn’t work. We both knew it, but it was still so easy to get attached. Even though we hardly had any time at all. We used every second we had, milked it for all it was worth.

Pay Attention

By MJ Ferguson

Pay attention to the road.

The soft mantra fills my head as the dark pouring rain pelts the windshield. The wipers beat relentlessly, expelling as much water as they can while more continues to fall.

Pay attention to the road.